Welcome to CJ Online Promotions

CJ Online Promotions is all about online marketing using the internet, web sites, and social media but great marketing also takes into account past history and current traditional marketing materials. </p>


Initial consultation is free. The consultation will be formatted as more of an interview where questions and information is gathered from you. A basic understanding of your goals, products, history, and your niche is important. Since there are so many areas of social media which are constantly changing - CJ Online Promotions does not claim to be an expert in every area of social media but through research and experience it will find out the most up to date information and explain what it all means in regards to your product, web site, or idea.

If you don't have a web site that is most often the process starts. The work done with you is time consuming for your web site to suit your needs and also to make sure important basics are covered so your web site is found by search engines. Social Media components are added after the web design is completed.


Tools used to promote your web site are dependant upon your goals. Typically not any one tool is suggested but usually a mix of options. Often the more tools used the more likely your web site will be found by potential Clients and search engines. My main focus is generally on your with web site. Your site is evaluated for keywords, functionality, and search ranking. In addition other tools which might be used or suggested are: Search Optimization (SEO), Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, or whatever new social media tool will help your site get noticed.